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Life on the Line: Season 1


1 | Heart to Heart

For the Escarcega family, their worst nightmare becomes a harrowing reality. Their newborn baby is slowly dying from congenital heart disease. Doctors tell them it is the beginning of the end, unless a heart becomes available for transplant surgery. “Heart to Heart” follows Baby David’s journey and reflects on the pioneering efforts of infant heart transplantation that took place 30 years ago with Baby Fae.

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2 | Out of the Rubble

The 2010 earthquake in Haiti brought utter destruction to the country. Trapped under the rubble for three days, 8-year-old Sebastian Lamothe is faced with the reality of losing his parents, his home and his leg. Yet his courage prevails in the face of death.

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3 | End it Now

Child abuse is much more common than we think. The statistics are staggering, with one in four girls and one in six boys molested by the age of 18. Three individuals uncover their childhood secrets of abuse while clinicians share the dramatic effect it can have on a person’s life. “End it Now” raises awareness about this silent killer and explores the part we can all play in prevention.

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4 | Baby Blue

Each year in Egypt alone, 20,000 children are diagnosed with congenital heart disease. Roukaia, a 2-year-old girl from Alexandria, Egypt, received her death sentence the day she was born. Watch as doctors from opposite sides of the globe work together to save thousands of cyanotic children who are waiting in a line that could be longer than their lifetimes.

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5 | Armed for the Challenge

“One Arm Willie” Stewart is set to defy his physical limits while training for the physically challenged triathlon USA championships. Determined to help others with disabilities, this world-class athlete demonstrates that disability doesn’t mean inability

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6 | Anchoring Hope

Access to health care for many people living in the Amazon jungle is a challenge. Like for Antenor, a father of seven who supports his family by producing agriculture. He has been sick and not able to bring enough food home. In a different village, 4-year-old Felipe has a difficult time playing with his friends. His heart problem is getting worse. Watch what happens next as a mission boat leaves a wake of hope.