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Malek Mohammad,

a 15-year-old Afghan boy, set about collecting firewood for his mother so she could cook dinner. As he stepped into a field, there was an explosion, then another. Malek fell victim to two landmines. His legs, stripped from his body, now lay several feet away from him. Two years later, he comes to America filled with hope. His goal—to return home to Afghanistan walking.

Runtime: 35:40



Director  —  Patricia Kelikani

As a nine-time Emmy Award winning documentary filmmaker, Patricia Kelikani uses her storytelling skills to shed light on the human spirit. She produces “Life on the Line,” a nationally released documentary series for public television and her documentary films include “Armed for the Challenge” and “Footsteps of the Unknown.”


Richard Weismeyer


James Pendorf

Maranatha Hay



Michael Wolcott

Patricia Kelikani

Erik Edstrom

Elissa Mirzaei

Maranatha Hay

Ryan Welch

Cosmin Cosma

Reenactment Scene

Director of Photography

Erik Edstrom


Keturah Reed

Make-up Artist

Michelle Edstrom

Visual Effects Director & Editor

Erik Edstrom